Friday, January 21, 2011

Margarita Memory Lane

I'm going out for margaritas with a friend.  I promise to be on my best behavior. 

This means I will NOT: 
  • Drink a pitcher by myself.
  • Throw things.  This includes chips, fried pickles, glasses of water or loose change.
  • Step on cakes people set on the floor until time to celebrate a loved one's birthday.
  • Jump on stage with a rockabilly band on Beale street.
  • Try to paddle up the Mississippi river in a dead boat with a midget paddle.
  • Be chased around by so-called friends pretending to be paparazzi.
  • Be propositioned by a very lonely illegal alien with pretty good waiter skills.

Again, I swear on the ghost of Jose Cuervo to be on my utmost, no-holds barred, is it even possible best behavior. 

Just like every time before.


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