Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking the Literary World by Storm, Yeah Right...

I've decided to take the literary world by storm.  To do this I will:

  • Out think the publishing industry by writing the next international bestseller.  This book will have all the right elements - vampires, wizards and a revenge-seeking rape victim out to make a fashion statement.   

  • Make readers fall in love with my characters to the point that restraining orders may be necessary.  I haven't done my job if my fictional characters are not being stalked by the delusional.

  • Rack up jaw-dropping book reviews from critics, book bloggers and most importantly - readers.  This will probably involve sitting in a Denny's doling out my life savings to shady characters who look nothing like their online avatars. 

  • Build my Twitter "tribe" to a gazillion followers through much Charlie Sheen like behavior.  And yes, this will involve myself, a machete and a pair of worn out porn stars (unfortunately, from the 1950's).

Once I have accomplished all this, SUCCESS will be mine!