Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Not Above Stealing and Publishing Your Writing As My Own

I mean, if its a really outstanding story, one that must be told, that has the potential to change lives and enlighten the masses, then yes, I think I can use it.

Of course, I'm looking for top quality material.  And the best part is, I really don't care what genre it is as long as it's the greatest story ever written.

But I draw the line at glittery vampires.  I'm not putting my name on any of that.

If you think you have the stuff I'm looking for, especially the nobel prize winning literary junk, send it to me and I'll consider stealing it and publishing it under my name.

And know you have my eternal gratitude for making my literary career a reality.


Heidi said...

You are an utterly despicable human being. No wonder I like you so much. Let's see...were you looking for something in a War and Peace or perhaps more popular fiction suits your fancy, something like The Shining, maybe?

Mike Kalmbach said...

Hilarious! Enjoyable read, thanks for sharing.

Could I get a mention in the acknowledgments when you publish my work under your name?

Idabel Allen said...

To be honest, I'm looking for a little of everything. I want to be well-rounded. So a little War and Peace, the next Harry Potter series, definately the next great As I Lay Dying. And yes, I'll take something along the lines of The Shining.

I'll be like a literary superhero.

Idabel Allen said...

I think I can muster this kind of acknowledgment:

Thanks be to those who inspired me. May they too experience success like mine someday.

Anonymous said...

All's fair in love and war - and writing's definitely a combination of the two.

Tiesha Little, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of DAWN said...

I am writing a middle grade erotica, A TALE OF TWO TERRORS, to be published soon by a respected press. They have promoised to make it a New York Times bestseller! SQUEE!
It will be my second published book after my debut YA vampiric dystopia chick-lit sci-fi fiction novel, DAWN! SQUEEAAAHHHH!!!!

Hope Welsh said...

I know! Just write a Parody of Hunger Games or Harry Potter!

Not literary Pulitzer, but $$ all the same.

Herry Pitter and Hirmyanic Gropher and Jon Weardly :)

Idabel Allen said...

Hope, I think you are on to something. Herry Pitter? What's not to love?

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