Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Call Me Francis The Talking Mule

Highlights of my lowbrow vacation in the wilds of Missouri on our forty acre property.

Continued to clean up the devastation from a 110 mph straight line wind storm from a year and half ago.  This involved much mule-like activity centering around chopping/hauling/burning acres of downed trees and limbs.  Great fun.

Took a break to visit an alcoholic ex-felon who drank crown royal, blessed me often and talked of all the big, violent women he knew.  His mind kept returning to a pool-game murder witnessed in prison.

Gifted a quart of moonshine in a mason jar.

Saw an outhouse with double toilets minus any walls in someone's front yard.  Classy.

Crushed a mouse with my massive body.  Don't ask.

Busted a chain on my dirtbike just as a terrible storm broke.  Waited for help in a torrential downpour with lightning crashing all about. 

Spent New Years discussing Charles Bukowski, the beat writers and government conspiracy with a banjo picker. The quart of moonshine was drained (not by me). 

Made it home on gas fumes.

All in all, most enjoyable.


Aisha said...

The mouse intrigues me lol, but I will rightly, not ask! :)

Cool blog! On my google reader now! Btw- figured out why you might not have many "followers". . . the icon helps- having it somewhere so people can click on it- like me, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to follow you.

Idabel Allen said...

Glad you like this silly thing. And thanks for the note on the icon. I'll have to look into that.

Angela Parson Myers said...

Sounds almost like you could have been near the area where my family used to vacation every Labor Day when I was a kid. My father had lived in the area in the 20s and shared the folklore with my sister and me. A couple of years ago, I returned with my husband to discover that it still is magical. I think it must be one those places where all the harmonics of the universe come together perfectly.

Idabel Allen said...

It really is like stepping back in time - mostly in a good way. At gatherings the television stays off, people really know how to sit and visit. I too have heard a ton of great folklore stories from the area. Its very refreshing.

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