Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Author Image, To Thine Own Self Be True!

Hey, that’s me, right there in the picture looking all Danielle Steele with my coiffed hair and spiffy duds and spangly necklace hanging low.  Looking all polished and manicured and sedate.  Looking all adult-like.

This is my official 'Author' picture taken for the jacket of a one of my books.  This is the image potential readers will have emblazoned in their minds for all posterity.  Author images say so much and I truly want to give a true representation of myself.

Only the picture above is not really me. 

I mean, where’s the big glopping chocolate ice cream stain down the front? What happened to my raccoon tail hair? Where has my chin disappeared to? And can that sweater get any greener and the background any redder?

As disturbing as it is, the following picture is a more accurate representation of myself.

Scary, I know (at least I cropped out my new found jelly roll).

So maybe such a 'realistic' image isn't the thing to present to prospective readers.

So what to do? I’d like a picture that represents my true self without making me look like Danielle Steele or Charlize Theron in the movie Monster. 

I'm looking for the middle ground, a picture that says smart, fun, and a bit dangerous. I think I have it. Check it out.

This picture has it all:
  • smart because I have a book in my hand,
  • fun because I’m hiding playfully behind the book, 
  • and a bit dangerous because my shoulders are bare and I could contract skin cancer.
I feel this is the best possible picture for me.  But you be the judge. Which picture you prefer?

Also, if you suddenly became a world famous chef, or actor, or notorious killer and had to plaster your face all over the world, which route would you take?  Icy, clean professional or bare-boned, raw realism?  Or would you take the middle ground?

Leave a comment and let me know.   


Ash Oldfield said...

Haha I love your reasoning for why it's the best picture! And it is a great picture.

Idabel Allen said...

I think its a great picture too. I think it could last me a lifetime. My agent thinks otherwise. She knows not what she asks:)

Carrie Green, said...

Unfortunately your photo is meant for marketing and we all know that there is no room for truth in marketing. The first photo, based on that fact, is the one, sadly, that I must select. Still it was entertaining to see your true self revealed, mine stays under wraps, where she belongs, as I don't want to frighten the neighborhood children.

Idabel Allen said...

Any chance I can do the whole "paper bag" over head trick?

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