Friday, February 3, 2012

No, I Will Not Wish You Good Luck Writing

Why? Because you and every of other lucky son of a biscuit eater are potential literary competition. Why would I want you to write a book better than mine? Why would I wish you luck finding an agent, or landing a big fat publishing contract? Let’s be honest, if you were lucky enough to land an interview on NPR, I’d probably choke on my tongue. From envy.

Well, not really.

In truth, after writing a gajillion words and pages over the last nine thousand years, I have learned luck has very little to do with being a successful writer. Luck will not improve your storytelling or editing stills. Luck will not induce anyone to read your work. Luck will not keep you motivated day after day, month after month, year after year. Okay, decade after decade (now I’m depressing myself).

No, I will not wish you good luck writing. But I do wish you the same things I wish for myself:

• Faith
• Patience
• Perseverance
• Slicer dicer editing skills
• Fearless writing
• Dedication
• Ability to overcome obstacles
• A clear vision, humble heart, open mind and critical eye
• Unshakable confidence

Most of all, I wish you success, in whatever form that may take. So keep on truckin’ my literary friends. For one day, you probably WILL be interviewed on NPR. And when that happens, just know I will be choking on my tongue. From joy.


Laura W. said...


I understand envy, but I'd never wish anyone *bad* luck. It's a competitive trade and we should support each other rather than tearing each other down. And, yeah, luck doesn't always have much to do with it.

Claude Beccai said...

What fun Isabelle! It might be a while before your choke on your tongue on account of me, but eventually you will and we will share the joy.

Idabel Allen said...

That's all I ask for, that we share in the joy. I'll flip flop on this and wish you Good Luck.

Pam Long said...

Love your honesty. I find myself in the same boat time and time again. I wish you well in EVERYTHING you do!

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